Enhancing a Morning Routine

Sleep Data on the Bed

Water Consumption Around the Faucet

News, Weather, and Social Media Updates at the Breakfast Table

Commute Planning and Schedule on the Front Door

Heading to Work and Entering the Office

Traffic Information in the Car

Schedule Reminder in Public and Private Spaces

Augmenting Objects During the Morning at the Office

Pictographs of Objects Inside a Cabinet

Sports or Business Stats Around a Coffee Machine

Augmenting Object Shapes During a Lunch Break

Spending Habits Outside a Restaurant

Schedule for the Afternoon Outside a Restaurant and in the Office

Afternoon Meetings in the Office

Visualizations as Meeting Reminders

Personal and Shared Visualizations in a Meeting

Displaying Memories Associated with Household Objects

Plant Infographic

Information About Art Pieces

Old Photos of Furniture

Heatmap of Historical Activity

SAR "Dashboards"

"Dashboard" for TV Data

Wi-Fi Data